Autumn Blog Challenge: Favorite Autumn Recipe

I don’t really have a favorite Autum Recipe that I make every year, so here are two recipes that I think epitimize fall. One is perfect for Halloween, the other for Thanksgiving.

Halloween first, as it’s in just a few weeks. Recipe is courtesy of Rachel Wilkerson, she calls it Stoned Trail Mix. I call it amazing.

You take dried chopped dates, candy corn, Hershey’s dark chocolate chips, and peanuts, mix equal parts of all of them all together, and eat like trail mix. It tastes like a snickers bar, but is probably more healthy.

The Thanksgiving recipe is  a new one I just found today, but it looks perfect, and I can’t wait to make it for Thanksgiving this year!

It’s Chipolte Mashed Sweet Potatoes by Jenna @ Eat, Live, Run. I’ve never been disappointed by one of her recipes, and do love me some sweet potatoes, and I so agree that the flavor of a baked sweet potato can’t be beat.

Next to the chocolate pecan pie I had a piece of a few years ago at Thanksgiving, I think this might become a favorite. But I guess you should check out the chocolate pecan pie from Cracker Barrel if you ge the chance too! (Or make your own!)

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Autumn Blog Challenge: First time in a haunted house

My first haunted house experience was when I was 13 or 14. My aunt Christi and uncle Chris took me to the haunted house. I was so scared. I don’t do scary… we walked in, and I had my aunt in front of me, and uncle behind me, and I’m sure I was holding onto my aunt for dear life. There were black lights and strobes so it was a bit difficult to see clearly. We went around a corner, and all of a sudden a guy with glasses comes out of no where. He scared me, and I thought he’d go away, to go scare people behind us, but no such luck. He grabbed onto my shoulder and followed us. I was terrified at this point. Not only am I in a haunted house, it’s my first one, and there’s this random guy walking along beside me. He probably would have been scarier if not for his glasses on the outside of his mask, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I might have kicked his foot. It might have gotten him to let go of me. I’m not proud, but I was scared, and found out later they’re not supposed to touch you. I have never been back to a haunted house. It’s not my thing. I like to say I’m good enough at scaring myself, that I don’t need any help. It’s probably true, but I’m sure my first experience didn’t help matters.

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Autumn Blog Challenge: What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

I am not a scary movie fan. But I have seen all 3 current Paranormal Activity movies. The first one I watched on a lazy Sunday morning with my boyfriend, and wasn’t scared at all. It was more creepy than anything with the way that she is possessed and isn’t acting like herself. I remember only one part where I jumped, the rest of it was too subtle to really be scary, which made me think I was a big girl and could handle scary movies.

Then I watched the 2nd movie in the dark at night with my best friend. Much different reaction. It was a bit scarier. The possession was less subtle, more demonic and there just seemed to be MORE. Plus I then had to drive an hour home in the dark, and I kept checking my rear view mirror. I’m fairly good at scaring myself, I don’t really need a movie to help.

The very next day another friend and I went to see the third movie in the theatre. It was the most bizzare of the 3, really telling the origin of the possession. That house with the spirits and whatnot (I’m still not sure I “get” the entire movie) was more than enough for me. Just leave these poor girls alone! Needless to say it scared me. I was very thankful that it was a nice sunny day as we walked out of the theatre, and I got over it pretty quickly.

This is the main reason that I don’t watch scary movies/tv shows. I’m much better at scaring myself. I get sucked into the music, and anticipate when something is going to happen that I either have made it bigger than it is in my head, or I’m already covering my eyes.

And sidebar: I’ve always wanted to see The Shining. But I know that I won’t be able to sleep afterwards. That’s what really scares me about scary stuff, is the fear of having nightmares. I will watch some scary (to me) stuff with the boyfriend, then make him promise that if I have a nightmare I can wake him up. Which reminds me of Joey putting the book The Shining in the freezer when he gets to the scary parts. “I mean I never start reading The Shining, without making sure we’ve got plenty of room in the freezer, y’know…”  Maybe if I could put the scariness in the freezer like Joey I’d enjoy them more.

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October Goals & September Recap

Hi Friends!!! Did you ROCK your September goals?

Here’s a recap of my September goals:

1. Work out 24 times.

2. Read 3 books.

3. Cook 2 new recipes.

4. Blog 2x a week.


1. Done! I worked out 24 times. Sometimes it was a run, sometimes it was a 30 minute walk, especially after I started the antibiotics for my ear infection, sometimes spin or yoga, but I purposfully did some sort of activity 24 times in September.

2. Done! September’s book them inadvertenly became authors I’ve read before, but I read Faithful Place, Shadow of Night and The Sandcastle Girls: A Novel (review coming soon).

3. Done! Recap of recipes here.

4. Done! I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday and Friday posts.

Now, it’s time to focus on October. It’s almost time for Texas to cool down, and I’m starting to get really really excited for jeans and boots and sweaters. And it’s almost Halloween. I love Halloween. Am still working on a costume for this year… last year my work department and I were CLUE!!!

October goals:

1. Work out 24 times. Including a run, spin, yoga, tabata and kickboxing each week.

2. Read 2 books.

3. Crochet more.

4. Clean eating. To include limiting eating out, focusing on veggies, and smart carbs.

5. Complete 1 craft project.

6. Participate in the last month of the Autumn Blog Challenge. While continuing to do regular non challenge posts 2x a week.

How did your September goals work out? Are you making October goals? Share and let’s motivate one another!

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Autumn Blog Challenge: Best Halloween Costume Ever

Every year I take notes on great Halloween costumes. It’s a fabulous thing when a great costume comes together. There have been a few memorable ones at my work, one year we had a Mr. Incredible, everyone knew the character. That is a must.  One year we had a homemade clown complete with face make up and a basket full of suckers. Clowns are classic which is another must have quality. But the costume I think is the best ever is when 2 coworkers dressed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth. It was perfect because they got the costumes EXACT, everyone knew who they were without it needing to be explained, and yet no one expected it. They went all out, complete with big hair wigs, leather and chains. Easily the best use of Halloween in recent memory.

Here’s Dog & Beth to jog your memory.


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September Foodie Penpal Reveal

This was my first month participating in the Foodie Penpal program. As soon as the list was sent out, I contacted the penpal I was going to send something too, and went shopping.

I sent to Renae, at Twisted Kitchen, her post should be up today.

And I kept waiting for the person who was to send something to me to contact me. Nothing. I emailed her. Nothing. So I emailed the program administrator/creator, Lindsey @ TheLeanGreenBean. Neither of use had any luck, so that fabulous Lindsey mched me up with the person who was supposed to send to the person who was supposed to send to me… how’s that for a confusing sentence?

Either way, it worked out and I was matched with Martine @ Whey Beyond the Naked Truth. I have truly enjoyed getting to know Martine via her blog and I was beyond excited when my package arrived in the mail. I opened it right up, and look what I discovered! (Wes Welker was excited for mail too!)

She made some banana bread in a pint jar (apparently this is thanks to Pinterest, so whomever pinned it, thank you, it was delish!)

Next was some organic cherry flavored hard candy, perfectly cherry flavored, not too syrupy sweet.

And this Joe’s Oat Patty mixture that you add water too, and it turns into veggie patties? I am facinated by this and can’t wait to try it out… will probably be a girls night feature soon!

And these quinoa crunch chocolate squares? Sounds so good, I can’t wait to make them. I use quinoa as a rice replacement, and have been contemplating making it for breakfast, but a dessert? Yes.

Some yummy goodness in Lara Bars, and an UNJUNKED chocolate covered peanuts. I haven’t opened it just because I’m waiting for the perfect time… it is supposed to rain this week… rain and chocolate? I just might.

And coke zero. Yes. I don’t know how she knew, but I do love me some coke zero. It’s a vice, I know, but it really does taste just like coke with no calories. I might have one a day… so thanks for feeding my (wonderful) habit for 6 days!!! (Coke Zero was Wes Welker’s favorite too!)

I really enjoyed participating in the Foodie Penpal program. It was fun to get to know other bloggers/readers, and Lindsey was amazing in making sure that I got the full experience, which is all you can ask for.

If you would like to participate in the Foodie Penpal program, head over to TheLeanGreenBean to fill out the form.

The highlights of the program: you will be matched with a reader/blogger that you will send something to, and a reader/blogger you will send a package to, so that you get to met/interact with as many people as possible.

You have $15 to buy/make/create items to send to your foodie penpal. It’s fun to be creative and find things that they will not only like, but may not have tried before, or may not have in their part of the country.

You mail off your package by the 15th of the month, and then on the designated day, you post a blog about what you received.

Easy peasy, right? You can only sign up until the 5th of the month, so get busy! How else would a blogger from Texas send something to Washington and receive something from Florida? All the bases were covered.

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Autumn Blog Challenge: Most memorable Halloween

As a child, my mother would dress up my brother and I and we would drive to certain houses for Halloween. We were usually pumpkins or clowns. I remember a friend of my parents’ house where they carved the best jack o lanterns. As I grew up a group of friends and I would go trick or treating in a neighborhood, but it was more a chance to hang out than anything.

I never really got excited about Halloween until I started my current job. Halloween is a requirement, and I love it. I love figuring out the right costume. I have great ideas, I like to think at least. There’s an art to figuring out a costume that is the right amount of whimsy, popularity, and the ever elusive “why didn’t I think of that”?

I like to think I found that balance last year when my department and I dressed up as CLUE characters. I was Ms. Peacock, and we had all of the major characters, and even had 2 detectives as we had so many people participating. We even built our own CLUE house and turned various cubicles into the “rooms” including the kitchen, living room, dining room and basement. We handed out clues so co-workers try and figure out who dun it. The entire department worked really hard, coming in to work on the weekend so we could build our house, and put out all the possible killing instruments. It went over really well, and we got many compliments.

I still have not been hit by the inspiration bug this year, it had better hurry up. October will be over before we know it.

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