Check-in week 3.1

Hi friends!

How is Daylight Savings treating you? We woke up at 10, with all intentions of getting in a good workout, after a quick run to the store for bread, I made toast while S made poached eggs, and all of a sudden it was 5 pm and all we’d accomplished was watching a marathon of American Pickers. Followed by about an hour nap on the couch then another trip to the grocery store. Oh well, it was a much needed lazy Sunday.

So here’s my check in recap of March 4-10:

Work out 5 times, yes. They weren’t all traditional workouts, but 5 times this week I broke a sweat and did more than sit on the couch.
M – BodyCombat
W – TurboKick
Th – Eliptical
Sa – BodyJam, Yoga
Su – Yoga
Yoga/stretching 2x – yes. Barely got it in Sunday, but it counts.
add in weights – DNF – not going to count this one. I did some shoulder exercises at home with my free weights, but this was more to count an at the gym workout with multiple shoulder exercises.
Read “motivational” book – still trying to decide which one.
Read “fun” book – I have it picked out, but haven’t started yet.

Overall not too shabby for the first week.

How are your March goals going?
Are you celebrating St. Patty’s Day?

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