2013 Welcome to the PUSH

Welcome to 2013. I hope 2012 treated you well, it was a good year for me, but 2013 is my year. There are so many things I want to do, and I’m going to PUSH myself to do them. So that’s my resolution for 2013… pushing myself to reach my goals.

And this year I’m going to break them down into monthly segments so I stay accountable to myself and don’t realize it’s November and I haven’t done anything.

This year I want to push myself outside of my comfort zone and become the person I want to show the world. Yes, this means I want to be a smaller size, because I want all my hard work in the gym to show. (There’s some inkilings of wanting to help other people become the best they can be… whether that’s eating better, working out or something else). I want to accomplish a fitness goal. I haven’t set the goal in stone, but it’ll push me outside my comfort zone.

Those are my 2 main goals for 2013, and I’ll be here to keep accountable for how it’s  going.

So for January I will push myself to:

1. have 5 fruit and veggie servings/day

2. drink more water, and less non-water drinks,

3. work out 5-6 x week

4. read a”non-fiction” books, maybe a “self-help” but I hate that classification

5. work on some fun projects

Are you excited fo 2013? What is your goal, and how are you planning on getting there?

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