November Foodie Penpal

Today is November Foodie Penpal Reveal Day! I received a package from Alissa at Life Like Fruit Salad!

Chocolate granola, so lovely, especially with some strawberry yogurt. Green tea is a lovely way to relax at the end of the day. Holiday cookies which were a great treat. Christmas shaped pasta, I can’t wait to boil a batch, and maybe have some olive oil, peppers and a runny egg over it. Pumpkin Spice pancakes, seems like a perfect Christmas morning breakfast to me, and some chopped dates. I tried to buy these when I was making the Halloween Trail Mix, but ended up getting whole dates, so I can’t wait to try it again! It’s good enough, now to find some candy corn.

Thanks to Alissa for a great FPP package. Would you like to participate? Check out The Lean Green Bean. December is going to be Foodie Penpals for Charity, where the money all FPP participants would spend on sending a gift to one another will be sent to a charity to help Hurricane Sandy victims. If you haven’t participated before, this is a great time to join. Click here for FPP for Charity.

You can check out my FPP Meg at Life is Better than Fiction.

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