Autumn Blog Challenge: What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

I am not a scary movie fan. But I have seen all 3 current Paranormal Activity movies. The first one I watched on a lazy Sunday morning with my boyfriend, and wasn’t scared at all. It was more creepy than anything with the way that she is possessed and isn’t acting like herself. I remember only one part where I jumped, the rest of it was too subtle to really be scary, which made me think I was a big girl and could handle scary movies.

Then I watched the 2nd movie in the dark at night with my best friend. Much different reaction. It was a bit scarier. The possession was less subtle, more demonic and there just seemed to be MORE. Plus I then had to drive an hour home in the dark, and I kept checking my rear view mirror. I’m fairly good at scaring myself, I don’t really need a movie to help.

The very next day another friend and I went to see the third movie in the theatre. It was the most bizzare of the 3, really telling the origin of the possession. That house with the spirits and whatnot (I’m still not sure I “get” the entire movie) was more than enough for me. Just leave these poor girls alone! Needless to say it scared me. I was very thankful that it was a nice sunny day as we walked out of the theatre, and I got over it pretty quickly.

This is the main reason that I don’t watch scary movies/tv shows. I’m much better at scaring myself. I get sucked into the music, and anticipate when something is going to happen that I either have made it bigger than it is in my head, or I’m already covering my eyes.

And sidebar: I’ve always wanted to see The Shining. But I know that I won’t be able to sleep afterwards. That’s what really scares me about scary stuff, is the fear of having nightmares. I will watch some scary (to me) stuff with the boyfriend, then make him promise that if I have a nightmare I can wake him up. Which reminds me of Joey putting the book The Shining in the freezer when he gets to the scary parts. “I mean I never start reading The Shining, without making sure we’ve got plenty of room in the freezer, y’know…”  Maybe if I could put the scariness in the freezer like Joey I’d enjoy them more.

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One Response to Autumn Blog Challenge: What is the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

  1. I love that you made a Friends reference. Very few people get my humor sometimes because it’s basically just quoting my favorite tv show of all time! lol

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