October Goals & September Recap

Hi Friends!!! Did you ROCK your September goals?

Here’s a recap of my September goals:

1. Work out 24 times.

2. Read 3 books.

3. Cook 2 new recipes.

4. Blog 2x a week.


1. Done! I worked out 24 times. Sometimes it was a run, sometimes it was a 30 minute walk, especially after I started the antibiotics for my ear infection, sometimes spin or yoga, but I purposfully did some sort of activity 24 times in September.

2. Done! September’s book them inadvertenly became authors I’ve read before, but I read Faithful Place, Shadow of Night and The Sandcastle Girls: A Novel (review coming soon).

3. Done! Recap of recipes here.

4. Done! I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday and Friday posts.

Now, it’s time to focus on October. It’s almost time for Texas to cool down, and I’m starting to get really really excited for jeans and boots and sweaters. And it’s almost Halloween. I love Halloween. Am still working on a costume for this year… last year my work department and I were CLUE!!!

October goals:

1. Work out 24 times. Including a run, spin, yoga, tabata and kickboxing each week.

2. Read 2 books.

3. Crochet more.

4. Clean eating. To include limiting eating out, focusing on veggies, and smart carbs.

5. Complete 1 craft project.

6. Participate in the last month of the Autumn Blog Challenge. While continuing to do regular non challenge posts 2x a week.

How did your September goals work out? Are you making October goals? Share and let’s motivate one another!

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