September Foodie Penpal Reveal

This was my first month participating in the Foodie Penpal program. As soon as the list was sent out, I contacted the penpal I was going to send something too, and went shopping.

I sent to Renae, at Twisted Kitchen, her post should be up today.

And I kept waiting for the person who was to send something to me to contact me. Nothing. I emailed her. Nothing. So I emailed the program administrator/creator, Lindsey @ TheLeanGreenBean. Neither of use had any luck, so that fabulous Lindsey mched me up with the person who was supposed to send to the person who was supposed to send to me… how’s that for a confusing sentence?

Either way, it worked out and I was matched with Martine @ Whey Beyond the Naked Truth. I have truly enjoyed getting to know Martine via her blog and I was beyond excited when my package arrived in the mail. I opened it right up, and look what I discovered! (Wes Welker was excited for mail too!)

She made some banana bread in a pint jar (apparently this is thanks to Pinterest, so whomever pinned it, thank you, it was delish!)

Next was some organic cherry flavored hard candy, perfectly cherry flavored, not too syrupy sweet.

And this Joe’s Oat Patty mixture that you add water too, and it turns into veggie patties? I am facinated by this and can’t wait to try it out… will probably be a girls night feature soon!

And these quinoa crunch chocolate squares? Sounds so good, I can’t wait to make them. I use quinoa as a rice replacement, and have been contemplating making it for breakfast, but a dessert? Yes.

Some yummy goodness in Lara Bars, and an UNJUNKED chocolate covered peanuts. I haven’t opened it just because I’m waiting for the perfect time… it is supposed to rain this week… rain and chocolate? I just might.

And coke zero. Yes. I don’t know how she knew, but I do love me some coke zero. It’s a vice, I know, but it really does taste just like coke with no calories. I might have one a day… so thanks for feeding my (wonderful) habit for 6 days!!! (Coke Zero was Wes Welker’s favorite too!)

I really enjoyed participating in the Foodie Penpal program. It was fun to get to know other bloggers/readers, and Lindsey was amazing in making sure that I got the full experience, which is all you can ask for.

If you would like to participate in the Foodie Penpal program, head over to TheLeanGreenBean to fill out the form.

The highlights of the program: you will be matched with a reader/blogger that you will send something to, and a reader/blogger you will send a package to, so that you get to met/interact with as many people as possible.

You have $15 to buy/make/create items to send to your foodie penpal. It’s fun to be creative and find things that they will not only like, but may not have tried before, or may not have in their part of the country.

You mail off your package by the 15th of the month, and then on the designated day, you post a blog about what you received.

Easy peasy, right? You can only sign up until the 5th of the month, so get busy! How else would a blogger from Texas send something to Washington and receive something from Florida? All the bases were covered.

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