Autumn Blog Challenge: Most memorable Halloween

As a child, my mother would dress up my brother and I and we would drive to certain houses for Halloween. We were usually pumpkins or clowns. I remember a friend of my parents’ house where they carved the best jack o lanterns. As I grew up a group of friends and I would go trick or treating in a neighborhood, but it was more a chance to hang out than anything.

I never really got excited about Halloween until I started my current job. Halloween is a requirement, and I love it. I love figuring out the right costume. I have great ideas, I like to think at least. There’s an art to figuring out a costume that is the right amount of whimsy, popularity, and the ever elusive “why didn’t I think of that”?

I like to think I found that balance last year when my department and I dressed up as CLUE characters. I was Ms. Peacock, and we had all of the major characters, and even had 2 detectives as we had so many people participating. We even built our own CLUE house and turned various cubicles into the “rooms” including the kitchen, living room, dining room and basement. We handed out clues so co-workers try and figure out who dun it. The entire department worked really hard, coming in to work on the weekend so we could build our house, and put out all the possible killing instruments. It went over really well, and we got many compliments.

I still have not been hit by the inspiration bug this year, it had better hurry up. October will be over before we know it.

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