[Book] Shadow of Night

This is the 2nd of my planned 3 books in September. It is the 2nd book in the All Souls Trilogy, written by Deborah Harkness, with the 3rd not scheulded for release yet. I loved the first book A Discovery of Witches, which is about Diana and Matthew (a witch and a vampire). Yes, the book is heavy on the “supernatural” so if that’s not your thing, don’t pick it up. I love reading, and all genres, so adding in some supernatural is no thing (fan of Harry Potter and the Sookie Stackhouse series here, and I’ve read all Twilight books).

I devoured “A Discovery of Witches” and was excited to delve into “Shadow of Night” which explores Diana and Matthew further.

(spoiler alert)

The first book ends with Diana time walking her and Matthew back in time to 1591. This book deals with their adventures in 1591. They meet more of Matthew’s family, and his friends as Diana attempts to learn her witchcraft/magic and they search for the mysterious book that started off the entire series.

It feels very natural for them to be spending so much time in 1591 and they meet many famous characters, which of course Matthew already knew due to his being a de Cleremont and the de Cleremont’s far reaching power.

I found this very interesting and was able to forget that they were not in the present day.

Diana eventually learns about her magic, what she is, and in true Matthew/Diana fashion this causes a problem, which they eventually work thorough.  And of course they end up back in present time just in time for the book to end, although there is a surprise guest that  I didn’t see coming, but fit just perfectly.

(end spoiler alert)

After finishing and thinking about it for a while, the book seems incomplete, which is fairly typical of middle books. I have a feeling that the last book will be nothing but action as they finish the work that they started back in book 1. The first and second books at both 500+ pages, so it was a bit disconcerting to read all of that and be right back where we started, but that does give me hope for the 3rd book. Can’t wait until ***

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