Girls Night Recipe Round Up

Hi friends!

Y’all know that one of my September challenges was to cook (not bake) 2 new recipes. I was wondering when I was going to get around to it, and I did this past weekend. 2 friends of mine, M & L and I have started a monthly girls night. We rotate between our houses, and have a great time one Friday night a month. This month was at my house, so I used the oppourtunity to cook!

I made Eat, Live, Run’s Shrimp Enchilada’s Verde and Hungry Girl’s Enchilada Soup. Yeah, it was a little heavy on the enchilada’s, but it went well. And the girls brought over queso, salsa and quacamole to round out our mexican theme.

I cannot say enough good things about this soup. Simple, easy, and was just as good without the chicken.

It’s made with pumpkin, which gives it a nice creaminess. It’s also super easy. Chop onion and celery, boil broth (I used veggie to make it vegeterian) then add in enchilada sauce and pumpkin, some corn, then I let it simmer until we were ready to eat. And it made a ton. I’ve frozen some for when I’m craving soup as the weather cools down.

Now to the superstar of the night. These enchiladas were to die for. And SUPER easy, I read Jenna @ Eat Live Run’s recipes and think that they look easy, well, this one was as easy as it looked, but tasted like a ton of time, and fanciness went into it. Did I mention it was delish?

Add in shrimp, sour cream, spices stir and your filling is ready. And it goes from above to this in 30 minutes.

My pan held 9 enchiladas, so I still had 1/2 the filling left over. Popped it into the freezer so I can have some later on. Yum!

Did you try any new recipes this month?

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