[Book] Faithful Place

I enjoy reading. Always have. I especially enjoy series of books, because I read so fast, I can be done with a book in less than a day, so multiple books allows me to spend quality time with  characters I’ve come to “know.”

When I decided to read 3 books for my September goal, I immediately went to find books that sounded interesting. I saw that Tana French had a new book coming out, and since I really enjoyed In the Woods and The Likeness when I read them a few years ago, I was game to try the new one… little did I realize that I’d missed the 3rd book, her 4th just came out… so I dove right in to Faithful Place.

It’s the story of what happens when Dectective Frank Mackey gets a call from his sister to come home. Frank left Faithful Place 22 years before and hadn’t had any contact with anyone from home save his youngest sister in that time.

It’s a story about family, and what happens when you leave home behind. Family is great, and family helps define you, but you don’t have to live up to/or down to your family.

This is a murder mystery at it’s heart, and I couldn’t put it down. I did obviously, but there were quite a few days that I didn’t pick it up because I didn’t have the time to devour 2 or 3 or 10 chapters, so it was better to leave it for tomorrow.

[spoiler alert]

The book starts with a frantic phone call from Frank’s sister Jackie, a suitcase has been found in a house that was abandoned when Frank was a kid. It was the house that all the kids hung out at, and where they shared their first. First kisses, first drings, first cigarettes. Frank goes against all his better judgment and goes back to Faithful Place to see the suitcase. And it goes downhill from there.

You see, the suitcase belongs to Frank’s first love, his girlfriend Rosie, who he was going to run away to London with. Frank has spent 22 years thinking Rosie was alive and well in London, having a grand life, and comes to find out that she’s been dead and burried in #16 Faithful Place all this time.

Enter the main heart of the book. Who killed Rosie, and why?

[end spoiler]

It’s what happens to Frank’s family from 22 years ago, and how it effects his current family. The choices that Frank made are still leaving ripples. Do I agree with the choices Frank made? I don’t know, but it feels organic, these are the real choices someone in his situation would have made, and that’s all I ask of a book. Entertain me, and be believable enough that I don’t worry about the choices the character makes.

Have you read any Tana French books?

Which was your favorite?

What are you reading right now?

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2 Responses to [Book] Faithful Place

  1. I skipped over the spoiler alert… If you like the books, I’m sure I will as well!

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