Could not ask for more

I went for a run last weekend, outside, at 9 am. It was 70 degrees, and it was wonderful. There were so many people out enjoying the lovely fall weather, you see it had been in the 100s all week prior to that, and here in Texas, we know that Summer does not easily surrender to Fall, so we take advantage of the coolness.

So there I was, listening to my iheartradio on my phone, watching my stop watch, as I was doing a 1 minute walk/1 minute run interval, and I’d made it just past 1.25 miles in 20 mintues, I was on feeling it, I had .75 left, but was already think about doing an additional half a mile. I was feeling good. Then I reached down to make sure my keys were still in my pocket.

Did I mention I drive to a park to run? The trail is marked every quarter mile, and no matter how much I’d like to turn off my head during a run, I NEED to know exactly how far I’ve gone, and how much remains.

So I reached down to make sure my keys were in my pocket, like I do usually quite a few times during any run, and they weren’t there. Enter racing heart… more so than it already was. “Oh Sh–!” I think I said it outloud. I immediatley turned around, turned off the radio and started re-tracing my steps, panning the ground on both sides, looking for my keys.

A lot of the  trail at this part is in shadow, so I didn’t have the help of the sun glinting off the metal key ring… I kept going… I knew where I’d last had them, and where I’d turned around at the mile marker, so that’s where I was headed… just over a quarter of a mile back to the mile marker, I arrive and nothing. Now I’m getting worried, what am I going to do? I’m quite a walk from home, besides my home key is on the key ring along with my car key, and my cell phone is down to 30% power… no sight of the keys, I turn around at the mile marker, trying to figure out a game plan.

Did someone pick them up and is waiting for someone to ask at the parking area? There’s quite a few people out enjoying the cool morning. That’s all I remember thinking as I’m walking back towards my car, knowing I have a mile to figure something out… and then, as I’m scanning the 2 inch gap between the concrete trail and the start of the grass… MY KEYS!!!

I don’t know if they bounced down there, if someone on a bike came along and jostled them down there, I was just grateful that I was paying so close attention. I bent down to pick them up, felt a delicious stretch in my hamstrings and hips, and knew that my run was over. My legs were officially dead, and I was still stressed out over losing them in the first place.

I wear a particular pair of pants when I go run at the trail, because they’re the only pair I have that contain pockets… and they failed me. I wrapped my headphones around my cell phone, and put my keys and my phone in my hand and walked that mile back to my car.

It was a lovely mile. No music, no distractions. I smiled and said good morning to all the bike riders, the rollerbladers, the walkers, and silently cheered on the joggers and runners. We were all enjoying the beautiful weather and the ability to be outdoors exercising and enjoying it. By the time I arrived back at my car I was in a great mood.

I might not have gotten the workout I had planned, but I did get a nice run in, and I got to throughly enjoy the first unofficial day of fall in Texas. Can’t ask for more than that.

Have you ever lost anything while running outside?

Did you find it?

*title courtesy of Edwin McCain.
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