Sweat and Spin

Happy Friday friends! It’s the weekend, and while it’s 100+ today, there’s supposed to be a cold front coming in tonight and tomorrows high is in the high 80s. 80s? What? Texas likes to tease us! But no complaints here.

I am turning over a new leaf. I am loving morning workouts. And my favorite morning workout? Spin class. Who knew?

It’s such a sense of accomplishment, I’m done working out by 6:45 am, run home to get ready (this is still a work in progress… the hair stays in a pony all day, but the accomplishment makes up for it), then head to work, do the job for 8ish hours, then come home and take it easy. What’s not to love?

I’ve even realized that I’m less tired all day long, and while I’m ready to go home after work, I am actually staying up about an hour later than I used to, and am still up and ready for the workout the next morning. Isn’t that one of the best bonuses of working out? The crazy energy it gives you.

After an hour of spinning, I am a sweaty mess. The sweat is dripping off of me, during class, and the 5 minutes of stretching afterwards followed by the post spin shower have become my 2 favorite things of my day.

This right here is the instrument of my newest obsession.


Isn’t it pretty? I know, it’s a bike that doesn’t really go anywhere… but it’s able to make my legs and lungs burn more and better than any run I’ve done, and I’m still able to keep pushing through to the next level. And if you need more restistance, I don’t have to find a hill, I just turn a knob. I have enjoyed exercising/running outside, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to quickly adjust settings to maximize a workout.

And it amazes me that 15 seconds of “recovery” seems to take 1/2 as long as 15 seconds of sprinting up a hill (lots of resistance) I think the instructor might just say it’s 15 seconds during the hard parts and it’s actually 30… but it works!

Have a great weekend. I’m going to enjoy my Saturday morning run, it should be 70ish degrees… can’t wait! Then lunch with Mom and the Pats game Sunday.

Do you spin?

Do you workout in the morning, afternoon or evening?

Favorite NFL team? Or are you a college football fan?

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