Working on my Fitness

Hello friends! Hope you are having a lovely week! It’s Thursday, but this week has flown by, I’m sure the Monday off helped with that.

I took advantage of the free Monday and hit up the pool at the gym. I’ve been wanting to get into swimming since watching the Olympics, which happens every 4 years as I’m glued to the tv watching the Olympics but this year I did something about it. It only took a few weeks, post Olympics, but I bought goggles and a swim cap, and hit the pool.

Well, I hit the treadmill first. I really have no idea what I’m doing in the pool, or how it should be done, so I did my 30 minute walk/run (1 min walk/1 min run) then changed into the lovely swim suit, cap and goggles and did 10 lenghts of the pool. I haven’t ever acually swam for exercise, but I know the basics. It was harder than I thought, and I had to stop more often than I expected, but I’m ready to hit the pool again this weekend.

I am still searching for a good “swimming” swim suit, but I think I look the part with the cap and goggles.

What was your favorite summer Olympic sport?

Who is your favorite swimmer?

Do you swim? Any tips?

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