Sassy Sweet Surprising September

It’s September tomorrow. That means Labor Day is coming up, I have a 4 day weekend from work, it’s the end of our summer hours (where I get every other Friday off) and it’s the unofficial end of summer. I say unofficial because summer likes to stay in Texas well into October. But it also means fall is just around the corner, with it’s jeans, sweaters, knee high boots, and warm brown, red and orange colors, it’s pumpkin lattes, and football!

It also means there are only 4 months left in 2012. And I have a lot of things going on in these last 4 months. I’ll be starting a new job. I’m going to on a long vacation somewhere I’ve never been before, and meeting a lot of new people. And I want to make a good impression on those new people. And in order to be my best, I need to feel my best, and to feel my best I need to not be self conscious. And the part of that that I can control is to work out, eat healthily and be happier within myself. And in turn, I should become more fit, and look better in my clothes.

So, I’m going to concentrate on working out this month. It makes me feel accomplished. It makes me feel like anything is possible and that I am at my best. What is not to love about it? In that vein, I’m going to do a 30 Day Challenge.

In 30 days I will:

– work out 24 times. This ends up being 6 times a week. Doable.

– start/finish 3 books. For fun. Instead of watching TV.

– cook (not bake) 2 new recipes. (This one scares me the most!)

– blog 2x a week. I’m thinking a goal related post so we can all keep track along the way, and then something fun… we’ll see how it plays out.

What are your September goals?

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