Better late than never!

My new year resolution was to get in shape, lose x number of lbs, etc, etc. Yeah, it’s August and life managed to get in the way… so I’m recommitting.

Recommitting to tracking food.

Recommitting to working out.

Recommitting to blogging.

Recommitting in August… nothing wrong with that.

I was going to go on a run today, but it’s 7:30 and still 106 degrees out, even with my shade lined path, that’s still hot, so I tried out The Fitnessita’s Tabata Thursday for the first time.

Holy cow, that was fun, hard and sweaty! I did it 3 times in a row, and then stretched… which is my second favorite thing about working out, the great feeling stretching gives you afterwards.

Recommitment motto:


I choose sore tomorrow! How about you? What are you choosing? Have you ever done tabata? It’s going to become a regular thing over here.

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