let’s talk…

Hi friends…

So… it’s been almost 2 months… how have you been? I fell off the wagon… big time. And that made me not want to talk to you guys… and then I felt guilty for not wanting to talk to you guys, and that made me stay away even more.

And then Friday, I went to the gym, and ran 2 miles. And I was in heaven, then in pain, so I iced my feet. Then Saturday morning I went to a spinning class. And I realized how much I’d missed the sweaty-just-worked-out-feeling. So, me? Back on the wagon.

Want to join me?

I hope you do… on the wagon is the best place to be, sometimes it just takes a break to make me remember.

What’s your favorite workout this week?

Rediscovering Insanity. Best. Sweat. Ever.

What is your favorite breakfast for dinner food?

I just finished an open faced egg and laughing cow cheese sandwich thin sandwich, with some sugar free jelly… something about the savor of the sundried tomato laughing cow cheese and the almost sweet strawberry jelly…

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