pound the pavement

I announced that I was going to run a 5K in under 30 minutes in 2011. And walk/run a 10K, and start training for a 1/2 marathon, but then I got stuck on how exactly I was going to do that.

I haven’t run in a few months, so I decided that I was going to take it slow, and do the Couch to 5K program.

I printed it off, laced up the asics, set my HRM timer for 60 seconds (for running) and 90 seconds (for walking), and hit the pavement. And it felt so good, I just kept going.

I run around the neighborhood outside, and when the timer beeped that time was up I decided to go to the next bus stop sign. And if felt good.

The next time I went to run, I ran to that first sign, and past it to the next one. The sidewalk around the neighborhood is roughly a 5K… so I’m going to keep going to the next sign/marker.

So while the C25k is good for some people (I’ve never a bad thing about it) I think I’m going to run 3 days a week and just keep running to the next marker. We’ll call it the Kiwi5K, how’s that?

Who’s going to join me in the Kiwi5K program? All you need to do is put on your shoes, and keep running!!!

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