book worm

iheartkiwis focuses on health, weight, working out and eating, but there is more than just those 4 things to making a healthy well rounded life.

Hobbies are an important part of life as well. Which got me to thinking about my biggest non health/workout related,  and it’s reading. I’ve been a book worm since I can remember. In 5th grade a friend of mine and I had a contest who could read more books over spring break (she won). And in 2010 M and I started reading books at the same time and found that it was sometimes easier to read classics and/or more difficult books when you have someone to discuss with, and its just fun to be able to talk about a book.

I figured I’m going to start reading and talking about books on the blog. They are a great discussion starter, and we need to improve our minds as well as our bodies. So I’ve created a books tab. There I’ll list links to all the book posts/discussions.

Comment your book suggestions, and perhaps we can do some book cluby type chat/meet up.

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