2010 recap

Hi friends–

It’s almost time to usher in 2011, and make those new years goals. I’m finding that I’m much more reflective this week than normal. Perhaps its because the boyfriend is in New Zealand seeing his family and it puts things in perspective (absense makes the heart grow fonder!!!)

I’ve been contemplating my 2011 goals (I dislike the word resolution, mostly because I never keep them for long), and thinking back on the things I accomplished in 2010.

Accomplishments in 2010:

– lost and kept off 15 lbs

– walked/ran a 5k

– joined a soccer team (easy/have fun league)

– found a new appreciation for whole foods and clean eating

– celebrated 3 years with my babycakes

– started iheartkiwis

– hopefully inspired friends/family/readers to start living a more healthy/active life

– discovered a love for Insanity and BodyPump (and in the process realized that I can motivate myself to workout to a DVD at home)

While those are a great start, I have much bigger plans for 2011. Stay tuned.

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