christmas lights

Hey friends!! Happy Christmas Eve.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? When my brother and I were little, our family would have Christmas Eve at my Dad’s parents house, then when we got home, we each got to open 1 present before going to sleep. Then Christmas Day we had Christmas lunch at my Mom’s parent’s house.

My friend M and I have hit up Starbucks and gone driving around looking at Christmas lights since we were old enough to drive (12 ish years? wow!).

We get to catch up, and discuss which lights we like and what we give a Griswold award to. (We’re partial to the classic white, and not fans of the net lights.)

The pic above and the ones below were all one huge house. It was a corner lot that lead into a cul de sac, and there was a line (sorry for the fuzzy pictures, we were honked at when we stopped for too long).

We declared this house our winner for the year, even with the big net lights over the tree… I mean, they’re like huge tree lollipops, what more could you ask for?

 Really loving the purple TCU stuff in Ft. Worth this year. Go Frogs! So, what are your holiday traditions?

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