do you talk to yourself?

I do, and most of the time it’s not outloud. It’s usually just an internal monologue I have with myself, just checking in. 10:30 this morning I was hungry, by noon (and lunch time) not so much. Apparently I wasn’t really hungry, or the water I was drinking that had me running to the bathroom every 20 minutes was filling up my stomach.

Then there’s the radio blaring in my head everytime I go to the grocery store. I walk in, and turn to the left, to go pick up the #1 and 2 items on every list, spinach and bananas, for green giants. But between the door and my lovely green giant ingredients?

The bakery.

Fresh baked bread, tortillas, cookies etc. I close my eyes. Literally. Well, not literally, but I try to look down and bee line for the good/healthy fruits and veggies because once I’m through the gauntlet it’s easy to forget all those things that are not so friendly to our waistlines.

That’s the hard part about office working during the holidays, there seems to be food everywhere. My survival guide?

1. avoid the “hot spots” that’s breakroom in my office. I go once in the morning and stock up on water and try to not go back

2. eat yummy healthy food that you look forward to. You’re not going to pass up the cupcakes if your lunch isn’t appealing to you.

3. plan to indulge, but on a Friday after it’s been picked over all week. All the good stuff is  gone, and what is left isn’t anyones favorite. You’re more likely to skip it, and save yourself some calories that can be spent on something you really want later.

How do you tackle the holiday office sweets?

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