health conscious or depressing?

As I was puttering around on the internet today, I clicked on “how salt is like pot”. I mean, how can you not want to know how salt is like pot?

I was a bit surprised by the snarky and generally depressing tone. The author, Jeanne Sager, is miffed that New York has mandated that calorie counts be posted on menus, because this ruined her indulgent apple cupcake. Her point? She knows a cupcake is bad for her, and wanted to indulge, but being shown the calorie count made her feel bad about it.

I for one wish that Texas would post calorie counts on menus. I think everyone should be in control of the food they put into their bodies, and restaurants shouldn’t be allowed to hide calories, fat etc in food to make it taste better.

An informed consumer is in control, and sometimes you want to try a new restaurant, and sometimes you don’t have time in your busy day to check online to find the nutritional information. True, you could go home and check all the websites, and go back another time, but part of living, is to enjoy life.

If the restaurant wanted your health conscious money, then they can post nutritional information.

Also, if you are in control of your diet, and know how many calories are in an entree, you might could indulge in an apple cupcake without guilt. Just sayin’.

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