December challenge

Yesterday, I gave you my 4 step plan for enjoying the rest of the holiday season. Today, I’m posting a December challenge. One might think those are contradictary, but hear me out. December is usually the time when it’s too cold to go outside, so we sit inside by the fire. Or it’s too cram-packed with things to do that we stop enjoying it and start resenting all the things we HAVE to do.

So my December challenge is to do something nice for someone else. Whether it’s buying toys to help the Marines in their Toys for Tots drive, or donating food/time to a food pantry, or helping to prepare a meal for those less fortunate, or adopting  child at the Salvation Army Angel Tree, just do something for another person.

In the spirit of this challenge, a friend and I are hosting the first annual (I hope) Cookies for Troops. We’re hosting a get together and having the attendees bake cookies, and bring items to send to our soldiers who are overseas for Christmas and New Years, hoping to give them a small taste of home, and remind them that we still care.

Will you join me in the December challenge? Post a comment here if/when you complete the December challenge, and if I have at least 5 comments, I’ll give away a prize (to be determined.)

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