are you what you eat?

“You are what you eat, read and watch on TV.”

This was in the Dear Abby column I was reading today. If this statement is true, then I am an unhealthy breakfast eater, who would like to be a murder detective and has a love for teeny bopper music. Does this describe me? Somedays, yes. I do enjoy a good breakfast burrito… who can turn down eggs, bacon and cheese? I do enjoy a good crime mystery whether it’s the latest James Patterson or watching NCIS on TV. And since I’m watching the AMAs on TiVo, I guess I like Justin Beiber (who knew?) But apparently I also want to be a doctor (or just play one on TV) with my enjoyment of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. I also want to “meet my mother” and find the scientific principles behind the “big bang theory” perhaps I should be a theoretical physicist and research string theory with Sheldon Cooper?

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that yes, while I do believe that what you eat, read and watch on TV makes you part of what you are, it doesn’t define your entire being.

What about what workouts you choose to do? Or the times when you say no to something to eat? Or when you buy extra food or toys for a donation to a food pantry or Toys for Tots? Or what about when you are baking cookies to send to soldiers overseas and happen to have one to make sure they are up to par for those brave men and women?

What does that make you? I think it means you are working towards being a better person, or you are trying to help society.

And does reading a murder mystery make you less of a person than one who reads Stephen Hawking or political books? Or does listening to Bon Jovi make you better/worse than someone who listens to Bach?

Does eating a salad make you healthier than a hamburger? Or eating chicken better than a pork chop? No carb better than carb filled? Vegan better than pescatarian?

There are just too many variations. So I propose that while these things help make us part of us, it is still only a part, and not the entire being.

I mean, sure I enjoy some Motley Crue when running on the treadmill, but I have nothing against Mozart, I just don’t seek him out to work out to, and I don’t think that makes me odd.

The parts of us that make up the whole cannot be so simply defined into what we eat, read or watch on TV. There is much more to a person; although, what we choose to do can have lasting effects on our bodies and mind. I know that after reading a particularly engrossing mystery sometimes I have trouble falling asleep because my mind thinks that every little sound is someone trying to break in. And I am usually exhausted after a sweaty workout session. So perhaps we should take more time to realize what we are putting into our bodies so that we can truly become closer to being what we eat, read or watch.

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