i heart bodypump ™

So, when I was checking the gym schedule Friday to make sure the kickboxing class was at the usual time, not only did I discover it wasn’t, but that the gym was having it’s first ever BodyPump ™ class.

Now, in reading blogs for the past few months, I’ve read alot about Body Pump, and it sounds awesome, and people really enjoy it. So I was up and at the gym at 8 am Saturday morning to partake in this new experience.

And it was amazing. It truly is a full body weight class. We did squats, and lunges, and worked back, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs.

I walked into the room and there were aerobic benches set up with 2 risers, and a barbell with a 10 lb, a 5 lb and a 2.5 lb plate weight on each side. Then the instructor walked us through the proper way to stand to lift, and some of the exercises we would be performing.

Then class started. We changed out our plate weights for a warm up. I used 2.5 on each side, as it’s been awhile since I’ve done weights. I kept all my weight under 5 lbs, except for squats and lunches legs and booty are bigger muscles.

All the exercises are set to current music. Stuff I’ve heard on the radio, but couldn’t tell you who it is, because I’m just not that up with current music. And the reps are set in tempo. You do 1 count down to the bottom of the movement, with 3 counts up to the start, or 2 down and 2 up, or 3 down and 1 up, so you are always exhausting the muscles. My favorite and least favorite were the “basements” where you go to the bottom of the movement, then pulse 1/2 way up, then go back down to hold. It’s so hard, yet so effective.

And while I did try to stay with the lower weights, but the end, I was excited and full of endorphins, and might have bumped up the weight some… and today I’m paying for it.

I can feel every muscle in my body at all times, ha. But it’s a good sore, because it means I did something good for my body.

So… who’s ready to BodyPump with me?

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