healthy eats that taste good too

Recently I’ve discovered that Starbucks sells tea. Did you know this? I had no idea. I shy away from caffeine these days (mostly, but sometimes it is needed) and was going to Starbucks with a friend… what could I order there? It wasn’t the holidays, so the Caramel Apple Cider I discoverd in high school was out, but lo and behold, they had tea on the menu. Starbucks, I heart thee!!!

They even had some I could buy… so I did, and I now enjoy a hot cup of tea in the mornings as I get to work… isn’t my new mug cute?

As for the eating part (as opposed to the drinking, part) lately, I’ve been hearting some orange roughy. It’s a cold water fish from New Zealand, and there’s just something about it that doesn’t taste too fishy, and melts on your tongue. All it needs is a sprinkle of Jane’s Mix It Up Salt, and 18 minutes from frozen in the oven, and you have this:

also known as heaven on a plate, with spinach and strawberries. Heaven.

Seriously, this is a 3 times a week dinner lately. The only issue? It’s a bit expensive compared to chicken, but when you need something different, it’s totally worth it.

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