october challenge fail

I have fallen off the work out wagon. No new jeans for me, apparently… sad. The insanity was insane, and I was enjoying it, and I improved in the 2 weeks I did it, but it was too much for me to keep up with. So what did I do? I stopped. I didn’t cut back, I just stopped. Not the best way to end a challenge, but hey, life happens.

Normally I’d just wait until November 1 to start a new challenge, but we’re very close to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I’d like to just start now… actually I started last Friday. What is this new thing that has ramped up my motivation you ask?

It’s a new focus on a clean diet. Clean, as in fresh fish and chicken, fresh veggies and fruits, tons of water, and tea. And no diet cokes… seriously, I’ve gone almost a week with no sugar, no coke (diet or zero), no carbs, no carbonation and I’m not missing it at all.

I think that’s the secret… being so motivated by something that you can focus on the positives and the delicious thing you ARE having, rather than the things you are not having.

It’s only been a week, and I still have to talk to myself sometimes, but it’s always in response to seeing a commercial, or seeing someone eating pizza or drinking a coke, not something that is started in my own head.

I think I’ve grown, and I think I can really make it a life style change. Now I’m not saying I’m never going to have carbs, sugar or coke again… but I think I can get to the point where they are treats instead of everyday indulgences.


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