let me hear you scream* (aka fit test #2)

I heard this Ozzy song on the radio on the way home, and as I’m doing the Insanity fit test today, it kept replaying itself. There were many times I wanted to scream, or just go home… but I pulled it out. Thinking I need to add that song to my iPod for the last mile of a run.

Fit test #2 results (# of reps more than last time in)

Switch Kicks – 108 (+8)

Power Jacks – 55 (+5)

Power Knees – 100 (+10)

Power Jumps – 25 (+5)

Globe Jumps – 40 jumps = 10 globes (+8 jumps/2 globes)

Suicide Jumps – 18 (+3)

Push-up Jacks – 24 (+4)

Low Plank Obligue – 60 (+10)

not too shabby for 2 weeks progress.

october challenge: 4293/10000

*Are you ready for the last fight!
Get ready with the war cry!

Let me hear you scream like you want it!
Let me hear you yell like you mean it!
If you’re gonna go down:
Go loud!
Go strong!
Go proud!
Go on!
Go hard or go home!
Let me hear you-
(Let me hear you-)
Let me hear you-
(Let me hear you-)
Let me hear you scream!

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