Motivation is an interesting word. Motivation is something that can be hard to find, yet sometimes it’s found in the oddest of places. Sometimes the lack of motivation is motivation in itself, and sometimes you have to “fake it until you make it.” Yesterday I found motivation in the boys department of Kohls. Today, I couldn’t find it anywhere. It wasn’t at my desk at work, it wasn’t in talking with co-workers, it wasn’t at the grocery store. But I came home and worked out anyway, because the funny thing about motivation is, sometimes you don’t need it. Or sometimes you’ve publicly (on a blog, perhaps) stated that you’re going to burn 10,000 calories and you need todays 400+ to reach that goal. Goals can be motivating too, so today I found my motivation in my October challenge.

It was day 9 of Insanity, 2nd round of Pure Cardio. I didn’t realize last time, when I was just trying to get through the session, but there are no water breaks in Pure Cardio. It’s 16 minutes of straight cardio. Which is nothing when I’m running on the treadmill blasting Rush or Motley Crue, but when I’m watching Shaun T and friends struggle through the 16 minutes with me, I realize how intense the program is, how insane if you will. And while I didn’t manage to finish one minute without taking a short break, I did manage to finish the entire workout, and burn 418 calories, and that my friends is very motivating.

october challenge: 2814/10000

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