weekend wrap-up

wow… it’s amazing how much better I eat when I write everything down. This was a weekend fail on the fruits/veggies. I managed only 1 f/v serving on Sunday and that was thanks to tomato sauce on spaghetti. I did Insane Friday and Saturday for almost 1000 calories, so that’s positive. And I definatley felt all the carbs I ate this weekend; the stomach was not very happy with me Sunday afternoon, but a restful evening watching football on the couch worked wonders.

Here are the challenge #s through Sunday 10/10/10.


Day 3 – Cardio Power & Resistance – 398 calories burned

I think this my be my favorite “work out” session. I love arm workouts… and the tricep work is awesome. No weights used, only body weight. And I got a cramp in my tricep, which proves that I have them!!! Who knew?

 Day 4: Cardio Recovery – didn’t wear HRM

The name says it all… it’s a recovery from cardio day. Lots of deep stretching. I’ve been so sore since day #1, that it felt wonderful to take my time and focus on the stretching. This is going to be my favorite workout, I can tell… now this is Insanity, and so there are some squats and lunges, but it’s not cardio… so they’re slow… like quivering thighs slow… and pulses… oh the pulses… but over all that’s a small % of the over all stretching.

 Day 5 – Pure cardio – 482 calories burned

We’re back to the warm up from day 2… 3 times through, then stretching… then the workout. There is less rest between the exercises… and I had to take more breaks because I couldn’t breathe… but it’s such a good feeling knowing you kicked your own butt… and for the first time in 5 days, I have to stretch to feel a bit of soreness… not just think about moving.

Day 6 – Plyo Cardio Circuit – 490 calories burned

This is the 2nd time for Plyo CC, and it is easier… the pushups are still killer… granted I only did 4 at a time… but 4 pushups times 4 in the circuit, and 4 circuits… is alot of pushups!!! The jabs and cross jacks and upper cuts and attacks for the last 2 minutes definatley push you… it’s amazing how much cardio you can do just by moving your arms… I woke up with a sore booty the next morning… that bony part of your booty that hurts when you sit on a hard chair? Right beside that, deep in the muscle hurts… perhaps I should do some more stretching!!! My legs/booty aren’t used to all the squats yet.

 Day 7 – REST!!! And after 2034 calories burned, I deserved it!!!

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