monday and back on track

I love Mondays. Well, I love a certain thing about Mondays… I restart my week on Mondays. I used to weigh in on Mondays, and in my head, it’s the beginning of a new week. If I had a weekend with a few too many indulgances, I use Monday as my start over day. It’s the day when I re-evaluate where I want to be, and come up with a plan to get there.

This weeks plan is to make sweet potato and black bean chili and enjoy it all week. I also hit up the store for a Texas Rangers t-shirt as we get to wear jeans to work tomorrow if we support them… know what’s even better motivation than the usual Monday start over? Buying a t-shirt in the boys section, trying it on, and it fitting.

If that isn’t motivation to keep working out even when you have a headache and just want to sit on the couch I don’t know what is. The football game will always be there. So will the book, or the phone, or the computer… lace up your shoes, put on the sports bra and break a sweat. I promise you’ll feel better, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll improve your mood… and might even naturally kill that headache.

Today’s cardio power and resistance didn’t burn quite as many calories as the first session (only 362… only like that’s bad for 30 minutes of work), and my triceps didn’t cramp, but it was still hard enough I had to take a few breathing breaks.


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