You’re probably wondering what those numbers mean, huh? Patience.

Today I switched things up… remember my post about the green giant? Until today I’d always thought that it was the banana that killed the spinach taste and allowed the green giant to taste less green and more smoothie like. Turns out I was wrong. See, I didn’t have a banana handy, as my Target trip yesterday was a major fail. Oh, I got a new shirt but the grocery part was a fail, as they’re remodeling the Target into a SuperTarget and therefore don’t have the Super in it yet.

Fast forward to breakfast today, and I attempt to make a green giant sans banana. I put the spinach in, added a 1/2 cup of frozen mixed berries and 1/2 a cup of frozen mango added some water, and some almond butter (like peanut butter but made with almonds, and delicious!!!) and blended it all up.

It’s more of a purple giant, and might could have used some splenda, but was cold and refreshing, and kept me full until lunch.

Lunch was a grilled chicken wrap with onions, tomatoes, pickles and jalapenos. Left work and hit up the walmart for more bananas, frozen fruit, almond butter and apples. Came home, and it was day 2 of Insanity.  Today was Plyo Cardio Circuit. 10 minute warm up, 5 minute stretches, 20 minutes of plyo cardio circuit drills, including push ups(!!!) and then about 5 minutes of cool down stretching. I’m slightly sore from yesterdays fit test, but in the good way that reminds you that you did something good and healthy for your body. Today’s plyo was HARD! I was out of breath, and felt light headed for a bit, but I took a short break and jumped right back in. Remember those numbers? 184/408? My highest heart rate was 184, and I burned 408 calories.

Not too shabby.

Now it’s dinner time… thinking carrots and a chik patty, to round out my 5 fruit/veggie servings.

Challenge stats:


F/V: mango, berries, spinach, wrap veggies, carrots

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