october challenge

Welcome back to regularly scheduled programming. iheartkiwis is feeling much better, thanks for asking, and is ready to kick October’s booty. October is usually the beginning of the “holiday season,” that time from Halloween to New Years when we think that one extra piece of cake/candy/treat won’t hurt us. I don’t know about you, but my weight loss usually slows down this time of the year… but this year I am DETERMINED to not just stay the same, but get smaller between now and January 1, 2011.

How you ask? My starting my own challenge. October challenges are: burn 10,000 calories between today and October 31, and getting 5 servings of fruit and/or veggies daily. And what is my reward for burning 10,000 calories, and eating fruits/veggies? A new pair of jeans… hopefully in at least 1 size smaller.

Now for the fun part… (or slightly insane part) how am I going to burn 10,000 calories in the next 28 days? One word, Insanity. I’m going to do the 60 day program. Today was the fit test, and I burned 256 calories. That’s 256/10,000. I’ll be starting an Insanity tab with daily logs of the workouts, keep an eye out.

Day 1: Insanity fit test.

Switch Kicks – 100 (50 each side)

Power Jacks – 50

Power Knees – 90

Power Jumps – 20 (I feel bad for my downstairs neighbor, so didn’t do as many as I could)

Globe Jumps – 32 jumps = 8 globes

Suicide Jumps – 15

Push-up Jacks – 20

Low Plank Obligue -50 (25 each side)

The fit test is done every 2 weeks. It measures your progress. It’s hard, mainly because of the overall effect of doing one right after the other. There’s a light warm up, then you do as many of each move as you can in 1 minute. Then rest for about a minute as you track how many you did, get water, wipe the sweat off your face, and check your heart rate. Then the cool down, the best part of the workout!

F/V: peas, berries, spinach, mango, carrots = 5! (note: 1/2 cup is 1 serving, excpet for leafy greens. a serving of greens is 1 cup)

calories – 256/10,000

So, will you join me? Leave a comment if you want to join, then keep track of calories burned (heart rate monitors are wonderful, the link is to the one I have that the boyfriend bought me, but my first one was from walmart and cheap). Leave me another comment to check in once a day/week/whenever, if you’d like to join me in october challenge!!

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